Ouroboros is a new cryptocurrency
that aims to provide fast and secure transactions
for the future use in the real economic sector

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What Makes
Us Unique
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We are always focused on the security of every part of our ecosystem.

Optimal Economic Model
Calculations of interest rates and odds support the coin rate stable high

Stable Growth
Every year the system will credit new coins to the genesis wallet based on the growth of the population in the world

The blockchain system is built on a voting concept to resolve controversial issues in the community

Various Opportunities For Earnings
You can sell your wallet to another user thereby monetizing your structure

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Secure DeepOnion wallet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
The mobile wallet is available in the Google Play Store.

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Features of the updated blockchain:

1. Smart Correction Coin. SCC Coin Growth Algorithm.
Depending on the value of the coin on the market - once every 100 blocks, the blockchain requests price data from public sources, updating the speed of coin mining.
This control algorithm will control the issue of new coins to prevent oversaturation of coins in the market excluding hyperinflation.

2. The new update makes it possible to create your own coins based on the blockchain, with a mining algorithm.
It means! That any user, in his wallet, can write down the name of the coin and the terms of mining (depending on the structure, balance and initial issue).
After which, the coin will work on the basis of the blockchain by charging mining.

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Lavrentiev Alexander Alexandrovich
Maksimenko Alexander Vitalievich