Smart Contracts



Smart contracts – This is a special case of using blockchain technology. In fact, this is a computer algorithm designed to ensure the implementation of a transparent transaction, subject to and fulfillment of all contract conditions. All conditions of the contract must be mathematically formalized and translated into the appropriate program code. In addition, an environment must be implemented within which the work of smart contracts takes place.

Smart contracts based on the Ouroboros blockchain - allow you to write business logic that stores data and operates on the Ouroboros blockchain. Contracts are developed in any language, after which they are compiled into WebAssembly and deployed to the blockchain. The commission for any transaction on smart contracts is charged in ouro, which will significantly increase the income of validators and delegates.

A simple constructor of your own coins with ouroboros-based co-mining - will allow any user to create their own coin in a few clicks, determine the conditions for its co-mining and initial issue, and then embed it into the blockchain in the form of a ready-made smart contract.